At Above N Beyond Cleaning, we love clean! The sparkle of freshly cleaned windows, the flow of a leaf-free gutter, and the sight of roofs, siding, and flooring without a speck of dirt brings a smile to our face! However, many people wonder whether all this cleaning is good for the environment. We can assure you that a good cleaning not only does not harm the environment, it improves it—and your health may improve as well! Read on to find out the top three ways that professional cleaning in NJ can help the environment.

  1. Eco-friendly soap and practices. At Above N Beyond Cleaning, we use eco-friendly soap for our dirtiest jobs! This soap has been found to be less damaging to animals, plants, and the environment in general, while still being highly effective! Of course, we always go above and beyond, so our cleaning practices also help the environment: we rinse our soap carefully and avoid letting it get onto other surface. By properly disposing of our cleaning products, we keep your home as natural as possible.
  2. Mold, mildew, and algae. We see these pesky plants all over on the roofs of houses that we clean. While some people think it is fine for mold and mildew to grow outside, the problem that occurs is that the mold spores can spread very, very easily, moving from your roof, into your attic, and eventually throughout your home. Yuck! Our cleaning process removes these contaminants, improving your air quality significantly.
  3. Debris removal. Many professional cleaning companies in New Jersey simply “blast” the debris from the gutters, splattering this bacteria-laden, mold-filled, bird dropping-rich goo all over your roof, lawn, or other areas. This can spread contaminants around the environment. At Above N Beyond, we take the extra step to put this “gunk” into a bucket, carry it down our ladders, and dispose of it properly. Whether your kids are playing in the lawn, or if Mr. Fluffy loves to roll in smelly things, you can rest assured that your space will be clean and sanitary.