With the surge of the market upon us, statistics show that a clean home sells faster than a home needing TLC. Why not give your home the curb appeal it needs to sparkle and shine! Here are three easy steps to ensure your home will sell in this year’s market.

1. Curb Appeal – like the term implies, take a ride and drive up to your home. First impressions go a long way. Does it look clean from the outside? Is there clutter like bikes and balls littering the property. Is the landscaping in top shape with flowers in bloom (or at least some hanging pots in key spaces).

2. Clean and Clean Some More – continue fine-tuning the outside with a pressure washer, paint and some elbow grease. Or better yet, hire a professional! Inside the same dust, dirt or grime needs to be removed to brighten up and encourage buyers to explore.

3. Renovate – Sometimes an upgrade might be required, particularly if the neighboring homes are in better shape, or you are not willing to lower the asking price. In many cases just clearing the clutter and even staging immediately increases the value and appeal of a home.