Cleaning the gutters is no fun! But if you live in New Jersey, gutter cleaning is a must. This not only makes your home look better, it protects you from a few very big risks. Keep reading to find out what these risks are, and why you should hire a skilled gutter cleaning company in NJ today!

Clogged Gutters Fall Down

You never want to come home to see your gutters lying on the ground. But if you don’t get them cleaned, that’s exactly what you risk! Your home’s gutters were designed very specifically to hold water and light debris for a short period of time—as long as it takes to go from the roof, to the downspout, to the ground. But when you let clogs sit in your gutters, your gutters go from a water slide to a log jam! Because of the weight of all this debris, clogged gutters are more likely to fall—and gutter repairs can cost hundreds of dollars!

Clogged Gutters Cause Leaks

As if fallen gutters weren’t bad enough, clogged gutters may hold strong… but that water has to go somewhere! This can lead to leaks into your home. Leaks may come through the flashing that connects your roof, through your shingles that get saturated with water when it cannot drain, or through other connections near the gutters. Water damage is very costly, especially once it molds! Save money by hiring a gutter cleaning professional in NJ today.

Clogged Gutters Stink

Do you want the “stinky house” on the block? We sure hope not! If your gutters are very clogged, you may start to notice odors. An open window will bring the smell of rot instead of fresh air, and ventilation near the gutters will be compromised! This is because the rotting debris in the gutters can build up bacteria, just like an old, rotting pile of leaves would on the ground. Cleaning your gutter gets rid of this immediately!

If your gutters are in need of attention, don’t wait until they cause major problems! Get them addressed today and call Above ‘N Beyond Cleaning in New Jersey.