If you’re like most homeowners, you pride yourself on keeping your house in its best condition. You’ve cleaned the gutters, washed the windows until they shine, tidied up the yard, and everything else. But have you cleaned your roof?

Should I wash my roof?

Many people don’t realize that their roof is something that needs to be washed. After all, it gets rained on… but your car gets rained on plenty, and we bet you still take it to the carwash when you want it to look its best, or after winter’s ice melt has built up in layers. It turns out, your roof is the exact same way! Natural weather, buildup of tree debris and pollen, and man-made debris such as roadway dust and environmental pollutants can really add up, making your roof look dingy, dirty, or discolored.

Can’t I just hose it off?

If you want to save money on a car wash, you can just hose your car off in the driveway. Isn’t the roof about the same? Even if your hose will reach the roof, it will not get the proper level of cleaning that you need. The angle would be all wrong, and the cold, cold water would only go so far. When you hire a professional roof washing company in NJ, we come with high-pressure hoses (not so high powered as to blow your shingles off, of course!), and appropriate, environmentally safe cleaners. We get right in there, to the places you can’t easily spray from the ground, and will always let you know if we see any damage or mold buildup.

A totally clean house needs a clean roof as well! If your roof has seen better days, or if you can see that the color has changed, save yourself the hassle of cleaning it and hire a professional roof washing company to help! The best home improvement companies, like Above N Beyond Cleaning, have years of experience with these projects and can get them done fast and well!