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Cleaning Services

Main Services

Above ‘N Beyond Cleaning has four main service areas that we excel in – power washing, window cleaning, roof washing, and gutter cleaning. In addition, we provide chandelier and ceiling fan cleaning, light hard water removal, and other small cleaning tasks around the house. In all our work, our goal is to make your building beautiful! Read on to find out more about our specialty cleaning services in New Jersey.

Roof Washing

Roof Washing is done with a soft pressure chemical application. All full roof treatments include a 3-year warranty. We will service partial roofs, but that does not include the warranty due to the risk of non-visible mold spores still being present on non-serviced sections.
Our Process

When we show up to your home, one technician will start watering down the plants, grass and surrounding perimeter of your house, while the other technician secures bags to your gutters’ downspouts to collect chemical run off. Once everything around your house is watered down, we will begin the spraying process. This involves one technician spraying our cleaning agent on the roof using a non-pressurized pump to maintain the integrity of your shingles, while the other technician makes sure there is no runoff and none is left behind. Once the cleaning solution has been evenly applied, we continue to rinse down the perimeter of the house and collect all of the used chemicals from the downspouts and dispose of them. The same day of service, all of the mold, moss, and lichen organisms will be completely dead. Keep in mind that it is a 6-to-8-week process for the rain to rinse your roof back to being fully clean. All full roof treatments come with a 3-year warranty. We offer an early removal 2 to 4 weeks after services for customers in need of quicker results.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning is done inside and outside, and includes the screen and window sill. We go up to 40 feet and service every type and style of window with satisfaction guaranteed within that height. We can service higher windows with a purified water system.
Our Process
We use a scrubber that contains eco-friendly soap to agitate the dirt on the glass. Depending on how long it’s been since your last window cleaning, we use a razor or the finest grade steel wool to remove stuck on debris from the glass. Once all the debris is free, we will re-wash the window and remove all of the dirty water with a squeegee, leaving a streak-free piece of glass. Next, we dry and wipe down the edges and frame of the window, along with the window sill. We offer deep sill cleaning for excessively dirty window sills that might have staining from oxidation or rust. That process involves light bleach or a restoring agent. Once all the glass and surrounding parts are cleaned to satisfaction, we move to the screen, cleaning it with a soap-filled scrubber, and wipe down the frame. We then dry it off and secure the screen. We can service any shape, style, and height of window up to 40 feet from the ground. Satisfaction guaranteed! For customers that have frequent cleanings, we can utilize a purified water system to reach up to 60 feet from the ground and offer a 6 month touch up for the outside of the window for a cheaper rate. This will make sure your glass provides a sparkling view year-round.

Gutter Cleaning

Our Process

Gutter Cleaning is done by hand from a ladder up to 40 feet from the ground. We remove all debris by hand, bring it down in buckets, and dispose of it properly. This ensures that your yard will stay clean. Once all of the debris is removed, we will flush the gutters with water to make sure all of the downspouts are running, and to detect any possible issues. Any clogged elbows on the downspout will be snaked until the gutter flows freely.

Power Washing

Power washing services vary, including all varieties of siding such as vinyl, aluminum, stucco, hardy plank, cedar, brick, and other types of wood. We also provide surface cleaning for surfaces such as walkways, decking and patios constructed with all types of materials.
Our Process

Here at Above N Beyond Cleaning, we specialize in soft washing houses. It’s very important to clean the exterior of your house. The main benefit of having a professional soft washing done to your house is how long it stays clean. We make sure dirt, mildew and mold are eliminated, using low pressure to ensure no damage will be done to the house. We apply a chemical solution and then rinse it off the house in a 2-step process. We are trained in the use of this chemical and have cleaned more than 3,000 houses successfully. Satisfaction is guaranteed in all of our services. We also guarantee that we will remove 100% of dirt, mold and algae. The benefits of using a soft wash instead of water pressure alone is that water alone only removes the surface of the mold, as opposed to killing it completely. We will follow procedures to protect all plants and wildlife around your house. Don’t just let anyone with a power washer clean your house – have a company that is trained and experienced do it. Our aim is to always be Above N Beyond the competition when it comes to results.