As fall sets in, many homeowners in NJ are getting ready with some fall cleanup. Are you considering renting a power washer in NJ and tackling your home’s exterior on your own? Power washing is easier for the experts. Read this to find out why you may not want to take that route!

Special Tools Needed for Power Washing

Power washing requires special tools, which most homeowners don’t have sitting around. This means you’ll need to rent something. But where can you rent a power washer? And, more importantly, will it be as strong as one that a professional cleaning company has? In most cases, it is not as powerful. In addition, you will need to consider your own soap or cleanser, which a trusted cleaning company will already have prepared.

Risk of Damage to Property

Even if you have the equipment to power wash your NJ home, you run a risk if you don’t know how to use the equipment properly. Too vigorous of power washing can take the stain off your deck, the shingles off your roof, or the siding off your house! Not only is this a pain to repair, it can expose your home to water damage and mold risks. When you work with an experienced cleaning professional in NJ, you can trust that we will get your property cleaned without damage.

Risk of Damage to People

What if you have your own commercial power washer and you don’t care about spraying the paint off that old house? One last thing to consider is the risk of damage to people. Power washers are powerful, and capable of doing damage to delicate human skin. This includes eyes, ears and hands most frequently, but too much water can harm any part of your body. Always use proper safety equipment or call a skilled cleaning company in NJ to help with your power washing.

Ready to power wash? Make it easier and give Above ‘N Beyond Cleaning in NJ a call today!