With the increase in rain this summer there may be mold, mildew and other unsightly debris creeping up on the outside of your home. Hire a professional cleaning service to make your home sparkle before the long days of summer sun are gone.

Where to begin? Here are the best areas to take a look at and why.

Vinyl. Vinyl Siding is a perfect agent for dirt, mold and other airborn particles. A big job like your home requires a pressure washer and the know how to use it properly without damaging the material.

Brick & Concrete. Concrete and Brick and concrete are a natural agent for heavy mildew growth. An experienced company knows to lightly spray then follow up with a safe cleaning material plus end the process with a sealer to prevent future growth.

Wood. Wood is a material used for all purposes like decks and railings. Unfortunately, wood also attracts not only dirt but mold and even insects as well. It’s a more sensitive material than vinyl, brick and concrete requiring precision of pressure and specific cleaning agents.

Don’t waste your time and energy attempting to do these improvement projects yourself. Many professional cleaning services are more affordable than you think. Hire a knowledgeable company in your local area so you can relax and enjoy the sparkling results!