At Above ‘N Beyond Cleaning in New Jersey, we keep homes clean inside and out! So how can you make sure that your home is as clean and beautiful as it can be before the holidays? Check out these tips from NJ’s residential cleaners.

Tip 1: Start Early!
With the holidays at the end of the month, it is easy to think “I’ll clean that tomorrow.” But the day before your guests arrive, the last thing you need to be doing is cleaning! You’ll be so busy arranging transportation, preparing snacks and drinks, and calling and texting people to coordinate, you may miss the very cleaning you wanted to do. When our team of professional cleaners in NJ is hired, we like to come a few days before a big event. That way, if anything unexpected pops up, our job is done!

Tip 2: Clean Both Sides of Windows or Glass.
Cleaning the windows or glass in your home? Make sure to clean both sides. A good tip is to clean one side quickly, clean the other side very well, then go back to the first side for anything you missed. That gives a perfect sparkle!

Tip 3: Hire Cleaning Professionals in NJ for Big Jobs
For big cleaning jobs, the professional cleaners in NJ can help! For example, it’s not a big deal to wash one window on the ground floor, but your three-story house with eight rooms is going to have a lot of windows! Washing your siding, power washing the roof, or cleaning feet upon feet of driveways and walkways are all great tasks to delegate to your favorite cleaners in NJ.

Tip 4: Clean Before Hanging Holiday Decorations
Planning on putting up holiday decorations this year? They’ll look so much better on a clean surface—and you’ll thank yourself when you take them down. Of course, for the easiest decorations, call Above ‘N Beyond—we can clean up, then hang those hard-to-reach decorations for you as well.

Don’t wait to start preparing your home for holiday guests! Call Above ‘N Beyond in New Jersey today to schedule your home cleaning appointment.