New Jersey is the ideal location for your home if you want to experience all four seasons. But the recent damp summer could be causing problems to your roof and siding. Wetness combined with umbrellas of shade creates the perfect environment for the three M’s – mildew, mold, and moss, as well as more airborne spores including algae, fungus, and lichen.

An Unclean and Unsightly Roof
The black streaks and green spots you see not only looks bad, but it will damage your roof over time. The shingles can become brittle and deteriorate leading to cracks and eventually overall rot. Then add on a winter snowstorm plus more rain in the spring and uh oh! Moisture may begin seeping in through the roof and into your home causing a whole new set of problems that also damage your wallet.

How to Eliminate the Green?
The best way to remove mold from a roof so it is clean and bright is with a mixture of liquid chlorine bleach and water. Utilizing a sprayer saturate the areas and allow the solution to rest on the roof surface for at least 15 minutes. Have a ladder handy. Be sure to wear old clothes, slip resistant shoes, safety glasses and rubber gloves. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer set to low so not to damage any further.

DIY Roof Washing is Not Fun
The most common mistake is applying not enough or too much pressure. Plus, what if you have a grand size home? Is it safe to climb onto the roof? Do you truly enjoy removing mold? Don’t waste your day with a big job like this. Hiring a professional for your roof washing service ensures a safe, thorough clean every time. Above and Beyond Cleaning in New Jersey offers convenient service for all clients – old and new! After cleaning so many homes and businesses ABC knows the secrets of dirt! These cleaning specialists offer affordable Packages for any size roof, and also windows, sidings, gutter cleaning too. Plus ABC is fully insured. What are you waiting for? Call today.