The roof on your home is one of, if not, the most important part of your house. So why not treat it as such? Many responsible homeowners clean the inside of their house quite regularly, but the outside can be easily overlooked! Read on to find out why you should contract with a professional roof cleaning company in New Jersey to wash your roof!

When you get your roof professionally cleaned, not only does it keep you and your family safe and warm from Mother Nature, it can improve your relationship with your insurance company! That’s right; if your home owner’s insurance sees evidence of a neglected roof, they can reduce your coverage by 30%! That is a cost you just don’t want to cover—and we agree! Proper cleaning can maintain your roof, protecting your house better and reducing your home insurance burden.

In addition to reduction in insurance coverage, moss, roof algae, and/or lichens can cause wood rot. When your roof rots, it won’t last long—leaving you with thousands of dollars of damage! Even if you treat the problem quickly, this creates a greater chance for mold to grow in your house because of moisture. Keep yourself and your family safe by removing that mold at the start: The roof!

Aside from these reasons to get your roof washed, it will rejuvenate the attraction and beauty of your home! A roof is essentially the focal point of the house, and while you may not think much about it when it is in good condition, our customers have told us time and time again that they notice a major difference once it’s clean. Our gentle, yet effective roof wash will keep your insurance company happy, your family safe and warm, and your house looking great!